Sandra is a designer/artist that graduated from the Maastricht Academy of Fine Arts and Design, where she completed the course for product design. 

 Her graduation project was in ceramics, where she recreated the style of Raku firing into her own product line. Using food to create different patterns, every object is unique.

My Story

Ever since I could hold a pencil, I was drawing and coloring. During the years of growing up my drawing improved and the more I became confident with my creative hands. I knew that the art academy was in my future...

 When my journey started at the academy I was sure I would end up with a degree in painting. But as life is as unexpected as it is, the years of academy directed me to Product Design, where I learned that my hands can do a lot more than drawing. 

 During my internship at a pottery workshop I came in contact with the designing of ceramics, where I was instantly addicted to the process of firing. It was only natural to do my final exam in Raku firing, the most primitive way of firing ceramics. 

My Mission

Making people love the traditional craftsmanship of Raku firing again. Every pattern is different, every shape is unique and no product is the same. 

 When you purchase one of my products, I hope you enjoy every moment of it. When you look at it, when you touch it, when you use it.

 My ideal would be that my designs would create a feeling of bliss, with every person that encounters them.